Driving School lessons in Sutton Wallington Carshalton and Morden

  • Green Badge Driving School caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner through to Pass Plus level drivers

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    Green Badge Driving School guarantee that we only use DSA APPROVED driving instructors (ADI's)

  • Full hour driving lessons conducted by Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors.

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    Full hour driving lessons conducted by Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors.


Driving School Lessons Sutton and Wallington

 3 Driving lessons £40 (beginners only)**
  • £20 per hour driving lessons
  • £30 per hour and a half driving lessons 
  • Evening and Weekend driving lessons
  • £26 per hour driving lessons
  • £39 per hour and a half driving lessons
  • £52 per 2 hour driving lessons
  • Block booking discounts
  • £100 for 5 Hours of driving lessons
  • £195 for 10 Hours of driving lessons
  • £390 for 20 Hours of driving lessons
  • Pass Plus driving lessons 
  • £25 per hour driving lessons

Green badge driving schools Sutton and driving schools Wallington offers competitively priced driving lessons Sutton and driving lessons wallington, with our introductory offer of 3 driving lessons for £40, in the following areas Sutton, Wallington, Carshalton and Morden.

Green Badge Driving Schools Sutton guarantee that we only use dsa approved driving instructors (ADI's) with 15 years of experience, ensuring that your drivning instruction is of the highest quality, which is necessary to assist you in passing your driving test. We will guide you through every aspect of safe driving for life, the show me tell me questions and independent driving including the use of the satellite navigation element of the driving test.  Once you have passed your driving test we guarantee that should you wish to improve your driving skills further with advanced driving lessons they will conducted with the same driving instructor.

Green Badge Driving Schools Sutton, Wallington, Carshalton and Morden caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner  to
 refresher courses, the re-education of existing qualified drivers and disqualified drivers requiring an extended driving assessment. We offer driving lessons sutton, wallington, carshalton, morden and surrounding areas and will pick you up from home, school or your work place.

Green badge Driving Schools Sutton has extensive knowledge of the Sutton driving assessment routes, during your driving lessons in sutton we will guide you through the more difficult areas. Since the closure of the Wallington driving center, the waiting times for a driving assessments in Sutton has increased, we also offer driving assessments at the Morden driving test centre

At Green badge driving schools Sutton and Wallington we are committed to providing you with the highest quality driving lessons Sutton and driving lessons Wallington to enable you to pass your driving test first time.

At Green badge driving schools sutton, we dont believe in charging pupils unless they are sitting in the drivers seat of our cars, which is why we offer complete driving beginners 3 driving lesson fo £40.

Once you have booked your first driving lesson, we will arrange a suitable time and location to meet you.

On your first lesson we will initially carry out an eyesight test and verify your provisional license details to confirm that you are legal to take driving lessons, if you need glasses bring them with you.

Your driving instructor will then drive you to a nearby safe and suitable location where your driving lesson will begin.

The first driving lesson will consist of a cockpit drill, where we will make sure your seating position allows you to reach and operate the pedal controls and steering wheel comfortably, discuss the legalities of the seatbelt and your responsibilities to any passengers. Your instructor will ask you to adjust the mirrors to a suitable position for effective observations and discuss the use of mirrors and blindspots. We will then move on to the foot controls from right to left Accelerator, Brake, Clutch (ABC) and advise what the pedals do, what foot you use for each pedal, when you use them and our instructional terminology. We will then discuss the gears, steering, handbrake, indicators and the vehicles instrument panel, your instructor will then discuss his dual controls and when he may use them, our best dual control is our vocal instruction. 

Before you drive the car we will give you a 5 min briefing on how to move off with car control, effective observations and signalling if necessary. Steer the car into the correct road position then find a suitable place to pull up on the left. Once you have found a suitable position on the left, how to pull over with effective observations, signallling if necessary and car control, reasonably close to the kerb.

We use three levels of tuition talk through, prompt and independent once your instructor has completed the briefing its time for you to drive the car.

You will move the car off under instruction a few times and hopefully by the end of the driving lesson you will be able to move off, drive in the correct road position and park independently. Don't worry if you can't, your driving test is not the next day. At the end of the driving lesson your instructor will drive you back, discuss your progress and outline your next driving lesson.  

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** Exc Manual driving lessons, evening and weekend lessons