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  • Green Badge Driving School caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner through to Pass Plus level drivers

    Driving School Lessons

    Green Badge Driving School guarantee that we only use DSA APPROVED driving instructors (ADI's)

  • Pass Plus is an advanced driver training course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to make newly qualified drivers become better drivers.

    Pass Plus Driving Lessons

    Pass Plus is an advanced driver training course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)


Independent driving

Driving school lessons in Coulsdon Carshalton Surrey

  • 3 Driving lessons £40 (beginners only)
  • £20 per hour driving lessons
  • £30 per hour and a half driving lessons 
  • Block booking discounts
  • £95 for 5 hours of driving lessons
  • £185 for 10 hours of driving lessons
  • £370 for 20 hours of driving lessons
  • Automatic driving lessons
  • £24 per hour driving lessons
  • £36 per hour and a half  driving lessons
  • £48 per 2 hour driving lessons
  • Block booking discounts available
  • Start learning with us and every time you recommend a friend for driving lessons we will give you an hours driving lesson free of charge , as a thank you.
  • Call now to book 07984 035930

Driving Schools Carshalton

Our aim is to teach you to drive safely and confidently in as few driving lessons Carshalton as possible. We can do this because all our driving instructors are fully qualified. Contact our driving instructors Carshalton today for intensive driving courses or refresher driving lessons Carshalton Surrey

Surrey Driving School Lessons

If you are considering learning to drive we hope this website will help you find a driving school in Sutton Surrey. Green Badge Driving School employ driving standards agency approved driving instructors offering a professional, reliable and friendly service in Sutton Coulsdon in Surrey. Driving school cars fitted with dual controls for your safety. Refresher lessons, motorway training and pass plus courses also being available.

Driving schools Coulsdon

You must have a driving licence before you can start learning to drive in Coulsdon Surrey. This section tells you what you need to know about driving licences and how to get further help if required. Driving licences are issued in the UK by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). As a learner driver, the type of licence you need is called a "provisional licence". To apply for any driving licence, including a provisional one, you need two forms - D1 Application for a driving licence and D750 Application for a photocard licence, available together at most post offices. You cannot legally drive on public roads until you have received your provisional licence. Your driving instructors Coulsdon will not be able to give you a driving lesson Coulsdon if you do not have your driving licence with you.

The evolution of Coulsdon and Cuddington began in the Anglo Saxon period when a village was established and named, after its founder, as "Cuda's farm", or Cuddington, in an area now known as Nonsuch Park. By 1538 it had a stone church, St. Mary's, and a manor house. Now refered to as Cuddington Manor King Henry V111 acquired the area and in 1538 demolished the village and proceeded to construct Nonsuch Palace.The Church disappeared beneath the inner courtyard of the Palace. Two deer parks were set up within the Parish stretching over what is now "London Road" , across "The Avenue" To "The Hogsmill" The appointment in 1606 of the 4th Earl of Worcester as "Keeper of the Great Park" inspiring its later name "Coulsdon". "Worcester House" was built in 1607 in the "Great Park". In 1670, King Charles II gave Nonsuch Palace to Barbara Villiers who had it demolished in 1682. Originally there was the Great Park of 1,000 acres, now occupied by Stoneleigh and Coulsdon, and the Little Park of 671 acres part of which survives as Nonsuch Park.When the Palace fell out of use, Coulsdon was divided to form several farms,but in 1859 things were about to change. The coming of the Wimbledon to Epsom railway and the opening of Coulsdon Station heralded the development of residential housing aimed at professional classes wishing to combine rural surroundings with easy access to "City Offices".'Electrification of the rail system in 1925 and the opening of Stoneleigh Station in 1932 encouraged further residential development.

Intensive Driving Courses

Learn to drive in 4 weeks with our structured driving lessons. It is proven that the human brain can only take in so much information before it stops learning.
As experienced fully qualified driving instructors we also understand that if a driving lesson is going badly, the last thing a pupil wants is to carry on. The pupil become stressed and frustrated the driving becomes harder, and the learning process stops. With most intensive courses the pupil would have to carry on for the rest of the day, thus wasting all that time and money, this is not the best environment to continue learning in.
With our structured learning process you/we allow your brain time to recover and therefore start taking in more information. You allow yourself time to mentally digest what you have learnt that day ready for your lesson the following day, thus improving your ability and confidence, and giving you a better chance of passing your driving test.
Our structured intensive driving courses consist of 1.5 hours of driving per day over a five day period per week with a driving test at the end of the 4 week period.
The course begins once you have passed your theory test and booked a practical driving test.
The course fee is 850 payable in advance
If you already have driving experience we offer alternative courses upon request.

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Green badge driving schools offers competitively priced driving lessons, with our introductory offer of 3 driving lessons for £40, in the following areas Sutton, Wallington, Epsom , Ewell, Cheam, Carshalton, Banstead, and Coulsdon.

Green Badge Driving Schools Coulsdon guarantee that we only use DSA APPROVED driving instructors (ADI's), thus ensuring that the quality of your instruction is never compromised. All our driving instructors Coulsdon have many years of experience which is necessary to assist you in passing your driving test, we will guide you through the show me tell me questions, and we are well versed with the independent driving element of the test. Once you have passed your driving test we guarantee that should you wish to improve your driving skills further with a pass plus course your driving instructor will be the same.
Green Badge Driving Schools Sutton caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner through to Pass Plus level drivers, including refresher courses, the re-education of existing qualified drivers and disqualified drivers requiring an extended test. We offer driving lessons within the SM and most of the KT post code areas and will pick you up from home, school or your work place.


Green badge driving schools Coulsdon and Sutton offers competitively priced driving lessons, with our introductory offer of 3 driving lessons for £40, in the following areas Sutton, Wallington, Epsom , Ewell, Cheam, Carshalton, Banstead, and Coulsdon.

Once you have passed your driving test, you may struggle with not having anyone sitting next to you, guiding you around. When you pass your driving test the extra elements of having to read traffic signs, road markings, or possibly having passengers or music in the car can make you nervous about driving, The Driving standards agency are in essence trying to make the Driving test and your driving lessons more realistic, so that you are better prepared to cope with driving once you have passed.

What is independent driving?

Independent driving is driving for approximately 10mins either following a series of directions, following traffic signs, or a combination of both, the independent driving aspect of the new driving test may also include the use of a sat nav. The reason Independent driving has been introduced to the driving test, is so the examiners can assess the pupil’s ability to plan their driving, recognise the end of roads without prompting and mirror and signal correctly.

Independent driving is not an assessment of your ability to remember the directions. If you forget where you are going, you can ask the examiner and they will tell you. This is beneficial as it tells the examiner that you have recognised a junction ahead and that you are preparing for the junction.
Even if you go the wrong way, this doesn't matter, provided your road position, mirrors and signals where correct for the direction you went. The examiner will then give you different directions.

At Green badge driving schools in Carshalton and Coulsdon we will prepare you for this element of the driving test.