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  • Green Badge Driving School caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner through to Pass Plus level drivers

    Green Badge Driving School guarantee that we only use DSA APPROVED driving instructors (ADI's)

  • Full hour driving lessons conducted by Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors.

    Full hour driving lessons conducted by Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors.


We at Green Badge Driving Schools Morden and Sutton have embraced the fundamental changes that the DVSA have made to the current practical driving test and believe these changes will make UK roads safer. Since its inception in 1934 the test has remained unchanged, and was not even made compulsory until the 1st June 1935. Over recent years we have seen the introduction of independent driving, introduced to assess whether candidates could recognise a junction, without being prompted by the examiner and use the MSPSL routine (mirrors, signal, position, speed and look), deal with the junction safely with correct car control, effective observations and responsibility for other road users and pedestrians.

2018 brought further changes to the test and the DVSA understood that new technologies played an increasing role in people's driving habits. As well as retaining the independent driving element, satellite navigation was introduced and now driving tests are conducted on main roads, with a lesser importance on side roads. The reversing manoeuvres having also been updated, you will no longer be required to turn the car in the road to face the opposite direction, nor will you need to reverse the car into a side road on the left. The new manoeuvres are aimed more towards parking rather than turning the car around. The parallel park remains a fundamental skill, with the addition of bay parking, either reverse in and drive out forwards or drive in forwards and reverse out, pulling up on the opposite side of the road, reversing two car lengths and rejoin traffic is the other new manoeuvre.

Although the way in which the driving test is conducted has changed. The basis of the test remains the same, and is still based on 3 criteria, Control, safety and road rules.

Control is assessed on your control of the car, how you control the driving environment around you and your responsibilities for yourself, other road users and pedestrians.

Safety is paramount in being able to pass your driving test. You need to be able to drive safely with effective all round observations, react appropriately and in good time to any road traffic situation and always be aware of the drivers behind you, remember you have responsibility for following vehicles.

Road rules govern everything we do on UK roads, without road rules UK roads would be chaos. Speed limits, lane discipline, traffic light, pedestrian crossing, give way signs, stop junctions and roundabouts are all subject to rules and as potential drivers you need to know the rules and act appropriately.

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Green badge driving schools Wallington, Sutton, Morden and carshalton offers competitively priced driving lessons in Sutton, Carshalton, Wallington and Morden and surrounding areas, with our introductory offer of 3 driving lessons for £50.

We offer lessons for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner to qualified drivers wanting to improve their driving skills. We offer refresher courses, and the re-education of disqualified drivers retaking their tests. Most importantly, we guarantee that we only use DVSA APPROVED instructors (ADI's), ensuring that the quality of your instruction is never compromised.

At Green badge driving school we offer driving lessons in Morden, Wallington, Sutton and Carshalton, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality driving tuition at Competitive prices to enable you to pass your driving test first time as cost effectively as possible.


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Green badge driving schools offers competitively priced driving lessons, with our introductory offer of 3 driving lessons for £40, in the following areas of Sutton Wallington Carshalton and Morden.