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  • Green Badge Driving School caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner through to Pass Plus level drivers

    Driving School Lessons

    Green Badge Driving School guarantee that we only use DSA APPROVED driving instructors (ADI's)

  • Pass Plus is an advanced driver training course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to make newly qualified drivers become better drivers.

    Pass Plus Driving Lessons

    Pass Plus is an advanced driver training course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)


Pass Plus Driving Tuition

Driving school lessons in Coulsdon Banstead Surrey

  • 3 Driving lessons £40 (beginners only)
  • £20 per hour driving lessons
  • £30 per hour and a half driving lessons 
  • Block booking discounts
  • £95 for 5 hours of driving lessons
  • £185 for 10 hours of driving lessons
  • £370 for 20 hours of driving lessons
  • Automatic driving lessons
  • £24 per hour driving lessons
  • £36 per hour and a half  driving lessons
  • £48 per 2 hour driving lessons
  • Block booking discounts available
  • Start learning with us and every time you recommend a friend for driving lessons we will give you an hours driving lesson free of charge , as a thank you.
  • Call now to book 07984 035930

Driving Schools Banstead

Our aim is to teach you to drive safely and confidently in as few driving lessons Banstead as possible. We can do this because all our driving instructors are fully qualified. Contact our driving instructors Banstead today for intensive driving courses or refresher driving lessons Banstead Surrey

Surrey Driving School Lessons

If you are considering learning to drive we hope this website will help you find a driving school in Sutton Surrey. Green Badge Driving School employ driving standards agency approved driving instructors offering a professional, reliable and friendly service in Epsom Banstead in Surrey. Driving school cars fitted with dual controls for your safety. Refresher lessons, motorway training and pass plus courses also being available.

Driving schools Coulsdon

You must have a driving licence before you can start learning to drive in Coulsdon Surrey. This section tells you what you need to know about driving licences and how to get further help if required. Driving licences are issued in the UK by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). As a learner driver, the type of licence you need is called a "provisional licence". To apply for any driving licence, including a provisional one, you need two forms - D1 Application for a driving licence and D750 Application for a photocard licence, available together at most post offices. You cannot legally drive on public roads until you have received your provisional licence. Your driving instructors Coulsdon will not be able to give you a driving lesson Coulsdon if you do not have your driving licence with you.

In medieval times, both Coulsdon and Ewell were small rural communities, with Coulsdon being smaller than Ewell. The major event for Tudor Ewell was the building of Nonsuch Palace by Henry VIII in 1538 to celebrate thirty years of his reign. The church and village of Cuddington were wiped away so that the Palace could be built. Henry wanted an impressive building, one which was bigger and better than any other contemporary building hence the name "Nonsuch". The Palace was surrounded by parkland stretching all the way to Hampton Court. The building was little used by royalty and was demolished in 1670, and the surrounding parkland sold off as farmland. By the 18th century merchants had moved their homes out from London into the villages of Epsom and Ewell. Epsom remained a small village until the early 17th Century when water from a pond was found to have medicinal properties and the minerals in Epsom salts were identified. Epsom village soon became a prosperous spa town attracting several notable visitors, including Samuel Pepys and King Charles II. When the interest in the spa declined in the early eighteenth century, horseracing attracted the visitors, especially after the Derby was established in 1780. The railways came to the borough in the mid nineteenth century and stimulated rapid house building to cater for the new breed of commuter to and from London. The suburbs of Auriol, Stoneleigh and Coulsdon were developed in the 1920s & 30s. The next major housing development was towards the end of the 1990s on the cluster of five former hospitals sites.

Intensive Driving Courses

Learn to drive in 4 weeks with our structured driving lessons. It is proven that the human brain can only take in so much information before it stops learning.
As experienced fully qualified driving instructors we also understand that if a driving lesson is going badly, the last thing a pupil wants is to carry on. The pupil become stressed and frustrated the driving becomes harder, and the learning process stops. With most intensive courses the pupil would have to carry on for the rest of the day, thus wasting all that time and money, this is not the best environment to continue learning in.
With our structured learning process you/we allow your brain time to recover and therefore start taking in more information. You allow yourself time to mentally digest what you have learnt that day ready for your lesson the following day, thus improving your ability and confidence, and giving you a better chance of passing your driving test.
Our structured intensive driving courses consist of 1.5 hours of driving per day over a five day period per week with a driving test at the end of the 4 week period.
The course begins once you have passed your theory test and booked a practical driving test.
The course fee is 850 payable in advance
If you already have driving experience we offer alternative courses upon request.

Driving lessons

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Green Badge Driving Schools offers the 1st three driving lessons Epsom Banstead for £40, with further block bookings available.

Green Badge Driving Schools Epsom guarantee that we only use DSA APPROVED driving instructors (ADI's), thus ensuring that the quality of your instruction is never compromised. All our driving instructors have many years of experience which is necessary to assist you in passing your driving test, we will guide you through the show me tell me questions, and we are well versed with the independent driving element of the test. Once you have passed your driving test we guarantee that should you wish to improve your driving skills further with a pass plus course your driving instructor will be the same.
Green Badge Driving Schools Banstead caters for all levels and ages of learner from complete beginner through to Pass Plus level drivers, including refresher courses, the re-education of existing qualified drivers and disqualified drivers requiring an extended test. We offer driving lessons within the SM and most of the KT post code areas and will pick you up from home, school or your work place.


Green badge driving schools Epsom and Banstead offers competitively priced driving lessons, with our introductory offer of 3 driving lessons for £40, in the following areas Sutton, Wallington, Epsom , Ewell, Cheam, Carshalton, Banstead, and Coulsdon.

Pass Plus Driving Tuition

Pass Plus is an advanced driver training course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to make newly qualified drivers become better drivers. Pass Plus can also give drivers a number of other benefits, such as cheaper motor insurance.


Statistics show that the risk of having an accident is highest during the first years of driving after passing the driving test - This is the main reason why the Government launched the Pass-Plus scheme.


The scheme consists of six modules, which follow on from a successful practical driving test. The modules take a minimum of six hours to complete. You will have to reach a set standard for each module - a module can take just one lesson or sometimes more. When the required standard for a module is reached, your instructor will sign and date the section as completed.


Module 1: Driving around a town
The first module has two parts. It begins with an introduction to Pass Plus, explaining the course aims and the skills and knowledge to be covered.
The second part is driving lessons either in Sutton, Wallington, Epsom , Banstead or Cheam town centres covering the different features of driving in a town, such as complex junctions and public transport.
You'll focus on:
Observation, judgment and awareness
Eye contact
Consideration for vulnerable road users Showing caution
Keeping space around your car


Module 2: All weather driving
This Driving lesson although more theory than practical driving will cover correct speeds, safe stopping distances, plus seeing and being seen in:
Rain, Sleet, snow, ice mist, fog and Bright sunshine
During your driving lessons you'll also look at skidding:-
What causes skids?
How to prevent skids
Correcting slow-speed skids
Braking on poor surfaces


Module 3: Driving in the countryside
Driving lessons looks at the main differences between town and country driving your driving lessons will utilise the country lanes through Kingswood and Reigate:
Observing the road ahead
Making progress safely
Bends, hills, uneven roads and dead ground
Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead
Safe overtaking
It focuses especially on being aware and showing consideration for:
Pedestrians, horse riders and animals in the road
Farm entrances
Slow moving vehicles
The driving lessons also cover the correct use of a horn, coping with mud and debris on the road and how to use passing places.


Module 4: Driving at night
This covers the important parts of driving at night, dawn and dusk.
During your driving lessons you'll learn about:
The importance of using headlights correctly
Adjusting to the dark
Judging speed and distance
The correct use of lights and keeping them clean
Dealing with dazzle
Hard-to-see road users
Parking issues


Module 5: Driving on dual carriageways
The Dual carriageways used for this module are either the A217 from Sutton to Reigate or the A232 from
Epsom to the Tolworth roundabout where we move the lesson to the A3 with 70 mph speed limits.
The Driving lessons consist of the following skills:-
Effective observation, using your mirrors and checking blind spots
Judgment and planning ahead
Separation distances
Joining and leaving a dual carriageway
Overtaking and lane discipline
The correct use of speed


Module 6: Driving on motorways
This should be a practical session our nearest motorways are the M25 and the M23. You should drive on a motorway as soon as you can afterwards so that you can practice.
The Driving lessons will cover:
Journey planning
Joining and leaving a motorway, and using slip roads
Safe speeds in different circumstances
Effective observation
Signs, signals and markings
Overtaking and lane discipline
Courtesy to other road users
Motorway fatigue
Breakdown procedures
Use of lights, including hazard warning lights
Debris on the carriageway

At Green Badge Driving Schools Epsom Our aim is to teach you to drive safely and confidently in as few driving lessons Epsom as possible. We can do this because all our driving instructors are fully qualified. For driving lessons sutton , epsom, Carshalton, Cheam ,driving schools Wallington, Banstead, Coulsdon and the surrounding areas, motorway driving lessons Banstead  or refresher driving lessons Epsom Surrey contact Mark on 07984 035930.